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P. A. Properties : Nuvista Lipa For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Seville (Inner) ₱ 1,180,000 LA: 40 sqm / FA: 42 sqm
Seville (End) ₱ 1,395,000 LA: 60 sqm / FA: 42 sqm
Sofia (Inner) ₱ 1,172,000 LA: 40 sqm / FA: 42 sqm
Sofia (End) ₱ 1,428,000 LA: 60 sqm / FA: 42 sqm
Venice ₱ 1,960,000 LA: 80 sqm / FA: 66 sqm
Brescia ₱ 2,730,000 LA: 100 sqm / FA: 86.5 sqm
Mira (Inner) ₱ 504,000 LA: 36 sqm / FA: 21 sqm
Mira (End) ₱ 737,108 LA: 54 sqm / FA: 21 sqm

Reservation Fee: Php 5,000, Php 20,000, and Php 30,000

15% downpayment in 18 months, 85% balance

Why this is a great investment

Buying a property in Nuvista Lipa is a smart move for a host of people from all walks of life. The location, local amenities, variety of housing options and the resale potential are just some of the factors that one can consider.

Future proof

The City of Lipa is one of the most up and coming areas of the Philippines, and is becoming an increasingly popular location for business. In fact, it has been ranked 6th out of the top ten next wave cities in the Philippines, due in no small part to the recent economic boom. Over the next few years, real estate in this location is set to be in high demand, in order to meet with the increasing number of businesses setting up shop.

At the same time, the natural surroundings ensure that your property is safe from the elements, with an almost zero percent risk of typhoons, earthquakes and flooding. Developers have recognized this potential, and the city is fast developing. It’s well worth getting in early, and securing a piece of prime, yet tranquil, real estate.

The excellent road networks ensure that buyers from all over this part of the country will be interested, even those who work in Metro Manila or Batangas City. This central location makes reaching nearby business districts a piece of cake, while offering a quieter, more relaxed home life.

Investors can be sure of quick resale or rental, and with a variety of properties to choose from, you will be able to target a wide market. As the years go by and the city continues to thrive, the value of property in this prime location is bound to increase dramatically, making an investment in Nuvista Lipa, an incredibly safe bet.

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