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The Nuvista Lipa project has been developed with the community that will inhabit it in mind. As the City of Lipa continues to grow, Nuvista Lipa will always offer a relaxed, more traditional place to live, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The calm, Mediterranean inspired, resort style community has a lot to offer its residents, on top of superb, affordable housing. The development has been designed to transport you from the chaos of work, to the tranquility of home. With numerous open spaces and entertainment facilities, it does this very well indeed.

Open, green spaces

As you walk through your new neighborhood you’ll soon see that only 58% of the total space has been used for residential buildings. The rest has been reserved to create numerous parks, open spaces and gardens. These areas are fantastic for an evening stroll, a family picnic or even jogging, and offer excellent views and a clean environment.

On site commercial areas

A number of lots have been reserved to make way for several commercial units. Small supermarkets and boutique shops will offer residents a convenient shopping experience, and create a stand alone community. Cafes and restaurants will offer the chance to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family, just a short walk away from your front door.


The heart and soul of the community is the multi-purpose clubhouse, which can be used by residents to host events. From large parties, to smaller meetings, the clubhouse is fitted out to provide you with the space you need, whatever the occasion.

Recreation and wellbeing

Residents are able to enjoy a number of recreational facilities to their heart’s content. The large swimming pool is a great place to socialize with friends or family, but is also excellent for light exercise. Fitness freaks will also enjoy the jogging paths, as well as the basketball courts. Excellent for a bit of fun, or serious competition alike, these facilities will ensure you have all you need in your neighborhood.

For the kids, there are a number of playgrounds spread out around the development. Complete with slides, swings and much more, the little ones are sure to have a great time, all in the safety of the community.

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